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Infinite Path is now...Thunderbolt Martial Arts!

Thunderbolt Martial Arts (formerly Infinite Path Martial Arts) is a private learning institution dedicated to the study of martial arts and meditation with the primary aim of personal growth. We have returned to the metro Detroit area and are looking for students to join our ranks. All of our programming is conducted in a safe, motivating, non-competitive atmosphere.


Sifu Christopher Scafone began studying martial arts (Tang Soo Do) in 1985. He has studied the martial philosophy Yue Chia Chuan Fa (Chinese)/Ken Do Gaku (Japanese) since 1994, Yoga since 1995, Tai Chi since 1997. He has also earned ranks in Karate and Aikido (teachers include Lee Beusking, Katsumi Niikura, Frank Merditaj, and Thomas F. Smith). Sifu Scafone is the first and only individual to achieve the rank of 5th degree black sash under Thomas F. Smith in Yue Chia/Ken Do Gaku at the Shaolin Temple of Michigan (est. in 1985, Westland). Sifu Scafone is also an expert in drug-free personal training (resistance and fitness training).

Sifu Robyn Scafone has studied Yue Chia Chuan Fa since 1997 and Yoga since 1999. She holds a 3rd degree black sash in Yue Chia/Ken Do Gaku. Mrs. Scafone is a lifelong artist whose photography, paintings, and illustrations have gained a world-wide following. Christopher and Robyn Scafone have been blessed with one daughter.

The Scafone's founded Infinite Path Martial Arts in 2002. I.P.M.A. is a private learning institution dedicated to the study of martial arts and yoga for the primary purpose of personal growth and self-improvement. The Scafone's have helped thousands of students of all shapes, sizes, and experience-levels enjoy the many benefits of serious mind/body training. The Scafone's also specialize in helping children with special needs.

All students work with Head Instructor Sifu Christopher Scafone.

Currently available for private instruction.

Thunderbolt Martial Arts
Metro Detroit, MI
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A private learning institution, serving students since 2002.

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